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How many times have we tried to move past challenges in our life only to feel stuck exactly where we are?  Doesn’t it seem like these are the only times this happens?  I can’t tell you how many times this has happened to me.  Like most of us, our lives are full…filled with things to do…place to go…people to see…you know…STUFF!  Wherever we are, whatever we’re doing, we’re thinking about what’s next.  It goes on and on and sometimes it feels like we’re getting nowhere with anything.  Welcome to the 21st century with its fast pace and life changes before our eyes seemingly by the millisecond.   So how do we get past the struggles we may be feeling in the world as we know it today?  We’ve all heard the phrase “2 steps forward…1 step back” and probably most of you, including me at one point, think of this as not a good thing.  We want to move forward…we want to move ahead without moving back.  We feel we’ll never get to where we’re going if we keep what I call “start-stopping” – we move ahead and then stop and then move ahead and then maybe move back a little and this keeps repeating itself.  I invite you to look at this as a way to grow.  You are probably saying to yourself (or maybe out loud!) “What are you talking about?”

Many times I used to get myself all wound up with all the things I had to do while trying to make changes in my life.  I was moving swimmingly along and then BAM..I hit a wall and stopped dead in my tracks.  Sound familiar?  So what did I do?  Just keep moving ahead…and then hit another wall, this time much harder and faster…Sound more familiar?  I repeated this enough times until I just gave up. Not only did I stop getting things done but I also wasn’t able to make the changes I wanted in my life to be happier, more successful, more peaceful.  I realized that during these times of wanting changes in my life, I needed to take a step back and regroup.  For me, the best way to do that was to have a practice…a ritual…where I could go within and listen to answers I needed to hear.  This could be through meditation, journaling, or listening to peaceful, relaxing music.  By stopping and taking notice of my body, I could shift into self-care with these practices to really understand what needed to happen to move forward.  To proceed through any changes, or seeming challenges or struggles in our life, a retreat into ourselves is what we yearn for.  When we can stop and recognize this within ourselves, moving forward becomes easier, more effortless and will slow you down to allow the perfect, whole and complete life that already exists within you to manifest itself in your outer world.

Those deciding on, going through or recovering from divorce or any relationship loss can feel stuck when trying to make major changes in their life while handling everything else life is presenting to them.  I know this as I’ve been there many times.  Self-care during these times is a critical step in weathering the storm and nourishing yourself to allow the answers you need to be heard as you take the time to listen.  I invite you to incorporate one of the practices I mentioned above and see what that experience is for you.  If one doesn’t feel right, try another. There is a practice and ritual that works for you if you experiment with different methods.  Let me know how that goes and what I can do to support you during this time.  !n-joy!  Namaste

Anthony J. Diaz

The Divorce Empowerment Coach

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