The Perfect Storm

The Perfect Storm

Doesn’t it feel like there’s so much going on in the world?  There seems like a lot of uncertainty right? Some of us see unsettled relations between countries and others are concerned about an unstable economy here in our country.  Of course, an uncomfortable and probably the most polarized election in our lifetime has recently caught our attention.  All of these events and more seem to be converging to create The Perfect Storm.

All of us at one time or another has had to deal with our own Perfect Storm. A few weeks ago, a visitor Matthew known as Hurricane Matthew paid a visit to Florida and much of its East Coast.  Of course, as most hurricanes do, this potential for severe damage and devastation was causing me more upheaval than your normal storm preparation.  You see I was flying out to give two talks in Atlanta, GA the day the hurricane was planned to hit our city.  As a result, flights were canceled including mine.  What resulted were a series of serendipitous events that seemingly came out nowhere to navigate me to my final destination.  As flights were cancelled and rescheduled, my next flights had me flying out later and out of different airports.  Ultimately, my intuition guided me to a flight on standby that I ultimately boarded as the final passenger.  I arrived at my destination before my previous flight had even taken off. Oh by the way, that plane was going to leave late which would have meant missing my connection. Hmmm…interesting.

I gave my talks in Atlanta and was scheduled to leave on a late flight that night.  I decided to follow my intuition again and be standby on a flight that left two hours earlier.  My chances were not looking good as more people were waiting then there were seats available.  At the last moment, again I made the flight as the last passenger.  The topping on the cake was the flight I was initially scheduled for was also going to take off late.  Again, I arrived at my destination, this time home, before my scheduled flight had even taken off.

This experience reinforced my long held belief that the Universe always has your back  and is conspiring on your behalf in all ways. I never had thoughts that the outcome would turn out badly.  I believed that staying on the path my intuition was guiding me would lead to a good ending. Having faith and trust that my Highest Good was before me was comforting during the chain of events that guided me to where I needed to go. This Perfect Storm is very similar to what others experience during a divorce or relationship challenge:  a converging series of events that have the potential for destruction and devastation.  We have a choice on how to navigate through these times. It’s so easy to dwell on these circumstances and get caught in the powerful waves that threaten to sink us.  However, we are the captain of our own ship and have the courage to steer with faith and trust through the storm in moving ahead to the other side of calm and peace.  I encourage you during your Perfect Storm, whatever that may be, to take a step back, breathe, and see the vision of an outcome that guides you where you want to go.  Being able to see the end of the storm will give you the courage to ride it through to the rainbow of the life that is before you.

If you would like to explore your Perfect Storm more completely, please contact me at and we can schedule a time to talk.  Download my free eBook on how to navigate through conflict as my gift to you.  Click on “Moving Consciously Through Conflict” and begin your path from the pain of your perfect storm to the peace that awaits you.

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