Moving Out By Moving In

This may be the Year of the Horse in the Chinese New year but for me so far 2014 is the year of Moving.  We have moved our home and my office two times each in the last 6 months.  All of you know the experience of moving so you can imagine what those experiences were like.  I learned a lot through these changes that became very insightful.  Moving is a lot like life in general.  Happiness, tears, many expletives, changes…a microcosm of what we go through in our lives.  The stories I could tell about the moves could go on forever but I realized something very important when looking back.   The more I resisted the many threads of each experience, the more pain I found myself in.  Whether it be with the movers, or the loss of my office desk since it couldn’t fit in our new home or the time it takes to unpack and set up a new office and home, the common denominator was…ME!  When I would allow myself to look at each moment as an opportunity to embrace the inevitability of change, that moment was easy and effortless.  This process of allowing happens when we go within.  By moving into a place within us that knows all answers connects us to our truth.  Instead of resisting what might seem like it could be an unpleasant experience, move into a space of just accepting what is happening with the knowing that it is for your Highest Good.

Those contemplating, going though or recovering from divorce are constantly dealing with “moving” experiences.  There are many changes and many unknowns to navigate through.  The easy and first reaction is to confront and resist them.  Why not…it doesn’t feel good and it may end up feeling worse.  I invite you to take a deep breath and understand this is only a feeling…a belief that may not be true…and be willing to trust and have faith in a better outcome.  Think about your past moving experiences…no matter how it went, the outcome usually ended up being a positive one.  Move within yourself and ask for help in accepting that where you are now in the divorce process will lead you where you want to end up.  Know that when you let go of resisting the experience before you, you allow your inner truth to guide you through it to a better outcome for yourself.  When you move out of whatever pain you may be in by moving within yourself, you experience the truth of who you really are which is always your Highest Good.  Namaste

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